how storytelling can help understand and believe ideas and concepts

The idea of storytelling, as I understand it right now, is as follows:

Create a believable figure, with whom a reader can identify and sympathise. Then let this figure experience the changed world one wants to create, and let them tell about it. This telling is the story we want. Plans, concepts and numbers can’t give you the adorable details that a single Person in their own world sees and holds dear. But these details, in my opinion, carry the emotions.  
"a good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam" - Frederik Pohl
The stories I think about writing here are not science fiction. They don’t mainly want to give you adventures, they want to communicate the dry idea or concept mentioned above. If the concept is like a recipe, and you know you can’t get all the ingredients, then storytelling can give you the smell of the food. And the comments below the recipe. And in this, storytelling can learn a lot from science fiction, because both are about creating fictional worlds and making them believable. I’ve read a lot of sci-fi stories. But when I tried to give someone a very quick accord of the great ideas in one of them, most of them sounded weird. This is because I switched from the smell-level to the recipe-level and only gave the ideas, the dry concept without the figures making them believable. 
So the fascinating thing is: To me, these concepts didn’t sound weird. This is because, even if I couldn’t ride these spaceships or run with those brain-linked-wolves, I could smell the adventures. They were conveyed by people I believed, which were handily crafted by an author. And this is the quality I want to reach as a storyteller. 

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