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My Name is Arved, and in this blog, I will talk about the use of design for building a better future.

I am a 26 years old industrial designer, 3D-print tinker, SciFi audiobook junkie, and mostly unobtrusive vegan. I was born and still live and work in northern Germany. The concept of environmental-friendly living always struck me as sensible. In the age of 15, I stated that my first car will be an electric-driven one.

I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and am now aiming towards self-employment and master studies. Before and throughout my design studies, there has always been a thought which troubled me.

It was the thought of one-day designing products, for which there is no need, and which are thrown into the trash sooner than you can say ‘planned obsolescence’.

why I came up with this blog

Regardless of what I just stated, I’m enthusiastic about the possibilities of modern technology. I am convinced that progress and future-friendly living do not exclude one another, if done right.

So in this blog, I will share my thoughts on the resulting possibilities and conflicts. I will also use this as a documentation platform for my own experiments and experiences, with the occasional praise or rant about things & innovations thrown in.

what’s with the colours?

logoThe Name coloursontheinside derives from the conflict between todays ecological thinking, and the eco-awareness-movement of past decades, whose spirit still hangs around in many places.

In the old way, being aware of the newly discovered impact of man’s existence on nature – and hence changing one’s life – was an act of revolution, and therefore the products, and also the people, shouted their novelty out loud by using bright colours. But nowadays, this kind of style feels somehow scrubby and tree-hugger-ish, it doesn’t fit into the fashionable feeling of life most people prefer today. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Products can be nature-friendly, and produced in a fair-trade-factory, and still look as slim as the conventional competitor. The colours don’t need to be painted on the outside of the hippie van, because it’s the inner values that count.



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